Reframing Marketing

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Reframing Marketing

A 3-step plan for effective and ethical marketing for coaches, consultants, solopreneurs, freelancers, mentors, and thought leaders.

What does your marketing say about you?

More than you think. Before someone gets to know you as a client, they see you through your marketing. High-pressure sales, relentless ads and complicated funnels rely on fear and manipulation. Is this how you want to start a client relationship?

Marketing advice for big brands or ecommerce doesn’t work for coaches, consultants or freelancers. Tactics, pressure and persuasion rarely attract good clients. When you’re marketing yourself and your work, your marketing is a reflection of you.

There is another way. Marketing can be both ethical and effective. It’s time to reframe your marketing.

This book is a practical guide for people who run their own businesses. The 3-step plan will give you clarity about who you want to work with, what value you can offer them and why they can trust you to deliver it.

Reframing Marketing is an alternative to ego-driven bulldozer marketing – no more slick tactics, get-rich-quick schemes or high-pressure sales pitches. This book is about ethical marketing that is manageable and connects you with clients who are ready to say yes.

I don’t believe in tick-box lists or quick fixes that work for everyone, every time – marketing is more personal than that.

This book takes you step by step through creating your own effective and ethical personal marketing plan.

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No more relentless social media

No more relentless social media

Posting relentlessly on social media is exhausting and rarely works. Many people will tell you it works – but they are usually just trying to make themselves look good with inflated results and impossible schedules. This book shows you how to do marketing without trying to be the next social media influencer.

No more over complicated sales funnels

No more complex funnels

Pressure selling tactics, squeeze pages and countdown timers are all designed to maximise sales. The problem is, they are unlikely to bring you good clients. This book shows you how to do marketing that feels good for you and your clients.

No more spending a fortune on Paid Ads

No more spending a fortune on Paid Ads

Paid ads are a tempting shortcut, and it’s easy to spend a fortune on them without seeing any results. The biggest problem with paid ads is that your clients aren’t really looking for a shortcut, they want someone they can trust. This book will show you how to build trust and do effective marketing without paid ads.

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Create your own effective and ethical marketing plan with this comprehensive guide.

Available worldwide in paperback, hardback and ebook editions.

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Take a look inside

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Learn about the 3-Step marketing plan and how you can make it work for you.

What other readers think

Toby Moore

“It’s a fun, easy to read and easy to get onboard with book.

What I like about it most, is that it’s built around simple six box framework (love a framework) that helps you understand the core elements of your marketing plan, and then what you’re going to do about them …

If traditional marketing is all a bit too icky and full of BS for you, check out this little ray of sunshine from Simon.”

Lyndsey Segal

“Clear, easily digestible and makes so much sense!

Reframing Marketing has helped me to communicate more authentically and effectively with my audience and improve my marketing and comms.

I feel excited about applying what I have learned to grow my business.

I highly recommend Reframing Marketing to any Freelancer, Coach or Consultant wanting to improve their marketing and elevate their business.”

Kate Clarke Marketing

“Having worked in marketing for nearly 20 years I’m always looking for ways to simplify the marketing process and more recently I’ve been on the hunt for more ethical marketing resources. This book gave me both of those things in abundance, ethics and simplicity. It helped me by giving me a framework I can use with my clients, who crave simplicity but also just need the reassurance that what they’re doing is enough. It’s full of exercises to put the theory into practice in the most practical way possible. If you’re a small business owner, freelancer, coach or consultant this book is going to be invaluable.”

Veronique Peron

“It’s pragmatic, concrete and clear! … very well articulated for a non-marketing expert like me; and it makes me want to know more and read more as well as doing the exercises.

This is a brilliant book that I will definitely will recommend!”

Testimonials have been edited in places for clarity and brevity.

Why Reframing Marketing?

Having worked in marketing and advertising for 20 years, I’ve seen all sorts of ways to ‘trick’ people into buying things. You can influence people’s buying decisions and even control the whole process if you have the budget.

If you’re selling ‘stuff’ or more crap that people don’t need, then this might work well for you. That’s what most marketing books are about, and most of the so-called experts out there have been regurgitating the same old tactics for years.

When it comes to freelancers, solopreneurs or people who work with people, the most common thing I see is experts tricking people into buying their programme by teaching these people how to trick their clients into buying their programmes. It’s a money-making machine (or so they say!).

If you want to work with people on a deeper level, really get to know them and add value to their lives, then the same old marketing tricks just won’t work. That is the challenge. If you want to coach, mentor or inspire change in the world, how do you do ‘marketing’ when none of it fits with what you do? Why is no one talking about how to do this? Why hasn’t anyone written a book on how to do it?

Well, now they have, and you can order yourself a copy and create your own effective and ethical marketing plan.

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