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A signed copy of the book is available directly from me in paperback and hardback, with worldwide delivery.

£12 + p&p

When you order directly, you will receive a complimentary 30-minute mentoring call with Simon.

Simon Batchelar author of Reframing Marketing

The book is also available as an ebook.

The book is printed on demand by Amazon around the world. It is also available as a Kindle edition.

“It’s a fun, easy to read and easy to get onboard with book.

What I like about it most, is that it’s built around simple six box framework (love a framework) that helps you understand the core elements of your marketing plan, and then what you’re going to do about them …

If traditional marketing is all a bit too icky and full of BS for you, check out this little ray of sunshine from Simon.”

Toby Moore

“Clear, easily digestible and makes so much sense!

Reframing Marketing has helped me to communicate more authentically and effectively with my audience and improve my marketing and comms.

I feel excited about applying what I have learned to grow my business.

I highly recommend Reframing Marketing to any Freelancer, Coach or Consultant wanting to improve their marketing and elevate their business.”

Lyndsey Segal

“Having worked in marketing for nearly 20 years I’m always looking for ways to simplify the marketing process and more recently I’ve been on the hunt for more ethical marketing resources. This book gave me both of those things in abundance, ethics and simplicity. It helped me by giving me a framework I can use with my clients, who crave simplicity but also just need the reassurance that what they’re doing is enough. It’s full of exercises to put the theory into practice in the most practical way possible. If you’re a small business owner, freelancer, coach or consultant this book is going to be invaluable.”

Kate Clarke Marketing

“It’s pragmatic, concrete and clear! … very well articulated for a non-marketing expert like me; and it makes me want to know more and read more as well as doing the exercises.

This is a brilliant book that I will definitely will recommend!”

Veronique Peron

Why can’t I buy the book in a bookshop?

The reason is simple: as a self-published author, it simply doesn’t add up. If I sell my book to the bookshop supply companies, my cut is pennies for every copy sold. What’s more those booksellers can also undercut me wherever I sell the book by heavily discounting it. That’s why I have chosen to distribute the book myself using print-on-demand.

When you order a copy from me or your regional Amazon store, a single copy is printed just for you. After I have paid for the book to be printed (and Amazon have taken their cut), I make a small profit, and you get your book quickly. Everyone’s a winner. I also get to use my label printer which is a lot of fun.

With traditional publishing houses, I would have to pay the publisher to print thousands of copies they would make very little (no) effort to sell, wasting a lot of paper. Using print-on-demand helps reduce the amount of waste in the publishing industry – 61 million books are shredded by major publishers every year. This method saves on paper by only printing books that are sold.