Why am I writing this book?

So, against all the odds, I’m writing a book.

Anyone who has messaged me, read an email I’ve written, or tried to read my handwriting knows I’m dyslexic and reject the concept of correct spelling. Instead of grammar lessons at primary school, I had drum lessons, for five years in a row (I was in cahoots with the drum teacher who moved my lessons so I could avoid grammar!) This goes a long way to explaining my use of the English language and general writing capability. It also means I now rely on Grammarly and Dave, my copywriter, to make my work both readable and, I hope, enjoyable.

Why write a book? Other than the fact my flat isn’t big enough for a drum kit, the simple reason is that no one else has written it. I scoured Google and Amazon for a book on ethical marketing for coaches, mentors, and thought leaders but in vain. There are lots of books about marketing but they’re all lacking anything close to real ethical advice. There is one big scary-looking textbook (no offence to the author) about ethics in marketing, and there is no shortage of ‘experts’ peddling the usual tactics, hacks and bullshit.

I wasn’t sure I was the person to fill this book-shaped gap until I heard Rob Fitzpatrick talking on Happy Startup’s Friday Fireside. The passion and energy with which he spoke about writing a book made me feel like I could actually do it. So I read his “Write Useful Books” and spent a few months thinking of ideas and titles, and testing the patience of my partner.

Then, last week I took the first step – I opened a Google Doc and titled it Book. I joined Rob’s Usefulauthors community. And I have started writing!